Solutions for common issues

Album cover art is not showing up

This issue was fixed in version 0.15.0, please upgrade!

You don’t see any artwork in Navidrome’s UI and in any Subsonic clients, and you are getting errors in the logs like this:

 panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference

 ->   /go/pkg/mod/*FSCache).newFile

This is being caused by a bug, and we are already working on a fix for it. In the meantime, you can fix the issue by disabling Navidrome’s image cache.

To solve this, simply set ND_IMAGECACHESIZE=0 in your configuration and restart Navidrome. You should see the warning message Image cache disabled during startup, confirming the configuration was effective. You should now be able to see the album cover arts.

Note: This option is only available in Navidrome version 0.14.4 and above.

Last modified April 26, 2020: Add notice to upgrade (fd7807a)