Navidrome Live Demo

Want to try Navidrome before installing it? Not a problem!

Just head to our demo site and enjoy some free music, courtesy of the fine folks from Jamendo Music, Chillhop Music, Nine Inch Nails, NCS Music, blocSonic and the respective artists.

To login, use the following credentials:

  • User: demo
  • Password: demo

The demo server works with all Subsonic clients, just use the server address with the credentials above. Not all features are enabled in the demo. For instance, settings and transcoding are disabled.

Demo server configuration

The server is running on an inexpensive BuyVM virtual server with the following configuration:

  • 1 Core Processor
  • 512MB Memory
  • 10GB SDD Disk Space
  • Cost: $2/month

If you decide to use their hosting services, please consider using our affiliate link, to help sponsor the project.