Frequently Asked Questions

How can I edit my music metadata (id3 tags)? How can I rename/move my files?

With Navidrome you can’t. Navidrome does not write to you music folder or the files by design. It may have capabilities to change/add cover art for artists, albums and playlists in the future, but even then it won’t write these images to your Music Folder or embed them in the files.

The main reason for this is security: With an internet-facing software like Navidrome, users would only be one exploit away from all their music getting deleted.

There are many excellent “real” tag editors / music library managers out there to work with your music library, ex: beets, Picard and ExifTool

How can I manually trigger a re-scan in Navidrome

Currently rescanning must be done via the command line:

navidrome scan --datafolder="C:\path\to\datafolder" [-f]

The datafolder is where you can find the navidrome.db database. Use -f to scan all folders (not only the ones with detected changes)

When using docker-compose with the official Docker build, the datafolder options is already set, you can use the following command:

docker-compose exec navidrome /app/navidrome scan [-f]

An option to force scan via the UI is under development. More information can be found in Issue #130.

Where are the logs?

To achieve maximum compatibility with a great number of platforms, Navidrome follows the Twelve Factor App methodology as much as possible. Specifically in the case of logs, Navidrome does not try to do any storage or routing of any log files, it only outputs all information to stdout, making it easy for the proper logging tools in each platform to handle them. Some examples bellow:

  • Linux: if you installed Navidrome using the Systemd unit (as explained in the install instructions), you can see the logs using the journalctl tool: journalctl -f -u navidrome.service

  • Docker: you can use docker logs or docker-compose logs to retrieve/follow the logs.

  • Windows: if you install Navidrome as a service using Shawl, just check the shawl_for_navidrome_*.log files created in the same location as the Shawl executable

Last modified October 16, 2020: Add FAQ about logs (f897fbe)