Community Maintained Packages

Navidrome packages for simpler installation on some platforms, powered by You!

DISCLAIMER: These packages are not maintained by the Navidrome project, any issues should be reported to their authors.

Even though the Navidrome project does not provide any pre-packaged installation for specific platforms, there are some packages created and maintained by the community, that can simplify the setup on some systems.

This is a list of currently known packages available, with links to where to download/install them:

System Information
Ansible Role
Arch Linux You can install Navidrome via the navidrome-bin package in the AUR.
Alternatively, you can install using the navidrome-git package which will compile Navidrome from source.
Docker Official images
Kubernets Chart
OpenMediaVault Instructions using docker-compose

If you create, or know of, other Navidrome packages that are publicly available, please add to the list above.

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