Configuration Options

How to customize Navidrome to your environment

Navidrome allows some customization using environment variables, loading from a configuration file or using command line arguments.

Configuration File

Navidrome tries to load the configuration from a navidrome.toml file in the current working directory. You can put any of the configuration options below in this file. Example of a configuration file for Windows (should be similar for Linux, just use forward slashes for paths):

LogLevel = 'DEBUG'
ScanInterval = '90s'
TranscodingCacheSize = '150MiB'
MusicFolder = 'C:\Users\JohnDoe\Music' 

You can also specify a different path for the configuration file, using the -c/--configfile option. Navidrome can load the configuration from toml, json, yml and ini files.

Ex. of usage (Windows):

C:\> navidrome --configfile "c:\User\johndoe\navidrome.toml"

Command Line Arguments

You can set most of the config options below passing arguments to navidrome executable. Ex:

C:\> navidrome --musicfolder "c:\User\johndoe\Music"

Please note that command line arguments must be all lowercase. For a list of all available command line options, just call navidrome --help.

Environment Variables

Any configuration option can be set as an environment variable, just add a the prefix ND_ and make it all uppercase. Ex: ND_LOGLEVEL=debug. See below for all available options

Available Options

Option Env var Description Default Value
ConfigFile ND_CONFIGFILE Load configurations from an external config file "./navidrome.toml"
MusicFolder ND_MUSICFOLDER Folder where your music library is stored. Can be read-only "./music"
DataFolder ND_DATAFOLDER Folder to store application data (DB, cache…) "./data"
ScanInterval ND_SCANINTERVAL How frequently to scan for changes in your music library. Set it to 0 to disable scans "1m"
LogLevel ND_LOGLEVEL Log level. Useful for troubleshooting. Possible values: error, info, debug, trace "info"
Port ND_PORT HTTP port Navidrome will use 4533
Address ND_ADDRESS IP address the server will bind to (all IPs)
EnableTranscodingConfig* ND_ENABLETRANSCODINGCONFIG Enables transcoding configuration in the UI false
TranscodingCacheSize ND_TRANSCODINGCACHESIZE Size of transcoding cache. Set to 0 to disable cache "100MB"
ImageCacheSize ND_IMAGECACHESIZE Size of image (art work) cache. Set to 0 to disable cache "100MB"
AutoImportPlaylists ND_AUTOIMPORTPLAYLISTS Enable/disable .m3u playlist auto-import true
BaseUrl ND_BASEURL Base URL (only the path part) to configure Navidrome behind a proxy (ex: /music) Empty
UILoginBackgroundUrl ND_UILOGINBACKGROUNDURL Change background image used in the Login page random music image from
UIWelcomeMessage ND_UIWELCOMEMESSAGE Add a welcome message to the login screen Empty
GATrackingID ND_GATRACKINGID Send basic info to your own Google Analytics account. Must be in the format UA-XXXXXXXX Empty (disabled)
IgnoredArticles ND_IGNOREDARTICLES List of ignored articles when sorting/indexing artists "The El La Los Las Le Les Os As O A"
SearchFullString ND_SEARCHFULLSTRING Match query strings anywhere in searchable fields, not only in word boundaries. Useful for languages where words are not space separated false
CoverArtPriority ND_COVERARTPRIORITY Configure the order to look for cover art images. Use special embedded value to get embedded images from the audio files "embedded, cover.*, folder.*, front.*"
CoverJpegQuality ND_COVERJPEGQUALITY Set JPEG quality percentage for resized cover art images 75
SessionTimeout ND_SESSIONTIMEOUT How long Navidrome will wait before closing web ui idle sessions "24h"
AuthRequestLimit* ND_AUTHREQUESTLIMIT How many login requests can be processed from a single IP during the AuthWindowLength. Set to 0 to disable the limit rater 5
AuthWindowLength* ND_AUTHWINDOWLENGTH Window Length for the authentication rate limit "20s"
Scanner.Extractor ND_SCANNER_EXTRACTOR Select metadata extractor implementation. Options: taglib or ffmpeg taglib
LastFM.ApiKey ND_LASTFM_APIKEY Last.FM ApiKey Empty
LastFM.Secret ND_LASTFM_SECRET Last.FM Shared Secret Empty
LastFM.Language ND_LASTFM_LANGUAGE Two letter-code for language to be used to retrieve biographies from Last.FM "en"
Spotify.ID ND_SPOTIFY_ID Spotify Client ID Empty
Spotify.Secret ND_SPOTIFY_SECRET Spotify Client Secret Empty


  • Durations are specified as a number and a unit suffix, such as “24h”, “30s” or “1h10m”. Valid time units are “s”, “m”, “h”.
  • Sizes are specified as a number and an optional unit suffix, such as “1GB” or “150 MiB”. Default unit is bytes. Note: “1KB” == “1000”, “1KiB” == “1024”

Last modified October 21, 2020: Add Last.FM / Spotify configuration (e0b55a1)