Navidrome Configuration Options

How to customize Navidrome to your environment

Navidrome allows some customization using environment variables, loading from a configuration file or using command line arguments.

Configuration File

Navidrome tries to load the configuration from a navidrome.toml file in the current working directory, if it exists. You can create this file and put any of the configuration options below in it. Example of a configuration file for Windows (should be similar for other systems, just use forward slashes for paths):

# This is just an example! Please see available options to customize Navidrome for your needs at

LogLevel = 'DEBUG'
ScanSchedule = '@every 24h'
TranscodingCacheSize = '150MiB'

# IMPORTANT: Use single quotes for paths in Windows
MusicFolder = 'C:\Users\JohnDoe\Music'

# Set this to the path of your ffmpeg executable
FFmpegPath = 'C:\Program Files\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe' 
# This is just an example! Please see available options to customize Navidrome for your needs at

LogLevel = 'DEBUG'
ScanSchedule = '@every 24h'
TranscodingCacheSize = '150MiB'
MusicFolder = '/Users/JohnDoe/Music'

# This is the default path for Homebrew installed ffmpeg
FFmpegPath = '/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg'
# This is just an example! Please see available options to customize Navidrome for your needs at

LogLevel = 'DEBUG'
ScanSchedule = '@every 24h'
TranscodingCacheSize = '150MiB'
MusicFolder = '/mnt/music'

You can also specify a different path for the configuration file, using the -c/--configfile option. Navidrome can load the configuration from toml, json, yml and ini files.

The example below assume you have created a navidrome.toml file in your home directory:

C:\> navidrome --configfile "c:\User\JohnDoe\navidrome.toml"
$ navidrome --configfile "/User/JohnDoe/navidrome.toml"
$ navidrome --configfile "/home/johndoe/navidrome.toml"

Command Line Arguments

You can set most of the config options below passing arguments to navidrome executable.

The example below shows how to set the MusicFolder using the command line, assuming you have your music library under your home directory:

C:\> navidrome --musicfolder "c:\User\JohnDoe\Music"
$ navidrome --musicfolder "/User/JohnDoe/Music"
$ navidrome --musicfolder "/mnt/music"

Please note that command line arguments must be all lowercase. For a list of all available command line options, just call navidrome --help.

Environment Variables

Any configuration option can be set as an environment variable, just add a the prefix ND_ and make it all uppercase. Ex: ND_LOGLEVEL=debug. See below for all available options

Available Options

Basic configuration

In config file As an env var Description Default Value
ND_CONFIGFILE Load configurations from an external config file "./navidrome.toml"
MusicFolder ND_MUSICFOLDER Folder where your music library is stored. Can be read-only "./music"
DataFolder ND_DATAFOLDER Folder to store application data (DB, cache…) "./data"
LogLevel ND_LOGLEVEL Log level. Useful for troubleshooting. Possible values: error, warn, info, debug, trace "info"
Address ND_ADDRESS IP address the server will bind to and :: (all IPs)
BaseUrl ND_BASEURL Base URL (only the path part) to configure Navidrome behind a proxy (ex: /music) Empty
Port ND_PORT HTTP port Navidrome will use 4533

Advanced configuration

In config file As an env var Description Default Value
AuthRequestLimit* ND_AUTHREQUESTLIMIT How many login requests can be processed from a single IP during the AuthWindowLength. Set to 0 to disable the limit rater 5
AuthWindowLength* ND_AUTHWINDOWLENGTH Window Length for the authentication rate limit "20s"
AutoImportPlaylists ND_AUTOIMPORTPLAYLISTS Enable/disable .m3u playlist auto-import true
CoverArtPriority ND_COVERARTPRIORITY Configure the order to look for cover art images. Use special embedded value to get embedded images from the audio files cover.*, folder.*, front.*, embedded, external
CoverJpegQuality ND_COVERJPEGQUALITY Set JPEG quality percentage for resized cover art images 75
DefaultDownsamplingFormat ND_DEFAULTDOWNSAMPLINGFORMAT Format to transcode to when client requests downsampling (specify maxBitrate without a format) opus
DefaultLanguage ND_DEFAULTLANGUAGE Sets the default language used by the UI when logging in from a new browser. This value must match one of the file names in the resources/i18n. Ex: for Chinese Simplified it has to be zh-Hans (case sensitive) "en"
DefaultTheme ND_DEFAULTTHEME Sets the default theme used by the UI when logging in from a new browser. This value must match one of the options in the UI Dark
EnableArtworkPrecache ND_ENABLEARTWORKPRECACHE Enable image pre-caching of new added music true
EnableCoverAnimation ND_ENABLECOVERANIMATION Controls whether the player in the UI will animate the album cover (rotation) true
EnableDownloads ND_ENABLEDOWNLOADS Enable the option in the UI to download music/albums/artists/playlists from the server true
EnableExternalServices ND_ENABLEEXTERNALSERVICES. Set this to false to completely disable ALL external integrations true
EnableFavourites ND_ENABLEFAVOURITES Enable toggling “Heart”/“Loved” for songs/albums/artists in the UI (maps to “Star”/“Starred” in Subsonic Clients) true
EnableGravatar ND_ENABLEGRAVATAR Use Gravatar images as the user profile image. Needs the user’s email to be filled false
EnableLogRedacting ND_ENABLELOGREDACTING Whether or not sensitive information (like tokens and passwords) should be redacted (hidden) in the logs true
EnableMediaFileCoverArt* ND_ENABLEMEDIAFILECOVERART If set to false, it will return the album CoverArt when a song CoverArt is requested true
EnableReplayGain ND_ENABLEREPLAYGAIN Enable ReplayGain options in the UI true
EnableSharing ND_ENABLESHARING Enable the Sharing feature false
EnableStarRating ND_ENABLESTARRATING Enable 5-star ratings in the UI true
EnableTranscodingConfig* ND_ENABLETRANSCODINGCONFIG Enables transcoding configuration in the UI false
EnableUserEditing ND_ENABLEUSEREDITING Enable regular users to edit their details and change their password true
FFmpegPath ND_FFMPEGPATH Path to ffmpeg executable. Use it when Navidrome cannot find it, or you want to use a specific version Empty (search in the PATH)
GATrackingID ND_GATRACKINGID Send basic info to your own Google Analytics account. Must be in the format UA-XXXXXXXX Empty (disabled)
IgnoredArticles ND_IGNOREDARTICLES List of ignored articles when sorting/indexing artists "The El La Los Las Le Les Os As O A"
ImageCacheSize ND_IMAGECACHESIZE Size of image (art work) cache. Set to "0" to disable cache "100MB"
LastFM.ApiKey ND_LASTFM_APIKEY ApiKey Navidrome project’s shared ApiKey
LastFM.Enabled ND_LASTFM_ENABLED Set this to false to completely disable integration true
LastFM.Language ND_LASTFM_LANGUAGE Two letter-code for language to be used to retrieve biographies from "en"
LastFM.Secret ND_LASTFM_SECRET Shared Secret Navidrome project’s shared Secret
ListenBrainz.BaseURL ND_LISTENBRAINZ_BASEURL Set this to override the default ListenBrainz base URL (useful with self-hosted solutions like Maloja*
ListenBrainz.Enabled ND_LISTENBRAINZ_ENABLED Set this to false to completely disable ListenBrainz integration true
MaxSidebarPlaylists ND_MAXSIDEBARPLAYLISTS Set the maximum number of playlists shown in the UI’s sidebar. Note that a very large number can cause UI performance issues. 100
PasswordEncryptionKey* ND_PASSWORDENCRYPTIONKEY Passphrase used to encrypt passwords in the DB. Click here for details -
PlaylistsPath ND_PLAYLISTSPATH Where to search for and import playlists from. Can be a list of folders/globs (separated by : (or ; on Windows). Paths MUST be relative to MusicFolder ".:**/**" (meaning MusicFolder and all its subfolders)
Prometheus.Enabled ND_PROMETHEUS_ENABLED Enable extra endpoint with Prometheus metrics. false
Prometheus.MetricsPath ND_PROMETHEUS_METRICSPATH Custom path for Prometheus metrics. Useful for blocking unauthorized metrics requests. "/metrics"
RecentlyAddedByModTime ND_RECENTLYADDEDBYMODTIME Uses music files’ modification time when sorting by “Recently Added”. Otherwise use import time false
ReverseProxyUserHeader* ND_REVERSEPROXYUSERHEADER HTTP header containing user name from authenticated proxy "Remote-User"
ReverseProxyWhitelist* ND_REVERSEPROXYWHITELIST Comma separated list of IP CIDRs which are allowed to use reverse proxy authentication, empty means “deny all” Empty
Scanner.Extractor ND_SCANNER_EXTRACTOR Select metadata extractor implementation. Options: taglib or ffmpeg "taglib"
Scanner.GenreSeparators ND_SCANNER_GENRESEPARATORS List of separators to split genre tags ";/,"
ScanSchedule ND_SCANSCHEDULE Configure periodic scans using “cron” syntax. To disable it altogether, set it to "0" "@every 1m"
SearchFullString ND_SEARCHFULLSTRING Match query strings anywhere in searchable fields, not only in word boundaries. Useful for languages where words are not space separated false
SessionTimeout ND_SESSIONTIMEOUT How long Navidrome will wait before closing web ui idle sessions "24h"
Spotify.ID* ND_SPOTIFY_ID Spotify Client ID. Required if you want Artist images Empty
Spotify.Secret* ND_SPOTIFY_SECRET Spotify Client Secret. Required if you want Artist images Empty
SubsonicArtistParticipations ND_SUBSONICARTISTPARTICIPATIONS When requesting artist’s albums, include albums where the artist participates (ex: Various Artists compilations) false
TranscodingCacheSize ND_TRANSCODINGCACHESIZE Size of transcoding cache. Set to "0" to disable cache "100MB"
UILoginBackgroundUrl ND_UILOGINBACKGROUNDURL Change background image used in the Login page random music image from
UIWelcomeMessage ND_UIWELCOMEMESSAGE Add a welcome message to the login screen Empty


  • Durations are specified as a number and a unit suffix, such as “24h”, “30s” or “1h10m”. Valid time units are “s”, “m”, “h”.
  • Sizes are specified as a number and an optional unit suffix, such as “1GB” or “150 MiB”. Default unit is bytes. Note: “1KB” == “1000”, “1KiB” == “1024”
  • Transcoding can be required in some situations. For example: trying to play a WMA file in a webbrowser, will only work for natively supported formats by the browser you are using. (so playing that with Mozilla Firefox on Linux, will not work. Mozilla even have their own guide about audio codecs).