Learn how to install Navidrome on your specific platform


If you are using Docker, you can skip download and just head to the Docker setup page

Visit our releases page in GitHub and download the latest version for your platform. There are builds available for Linux (Intel and ARM, 32 and 64 bits), Windows (Intel 32 and 64 bits) and macOS (Intel 64 bits).

For ARM-Based systems (ex: Raspberry Pi), check which ARM build is the correct one for your platform using cat /proc/cpuinfo.

Remember to install ffmpeg in your system, a requirement for Navidrome to work properly. If your OS does not provide a package for ffmpeg, you may find the latest static build for your platform here:


After downloading the Navidrome binary, follow the appropriate setup instructions for your platform:


Using the official docker images with Docker and Docker Compose

Linux Install

Steps to install on Ubuntu Linux (and other Debian based distros)

Windows Install

Steps to install on Windows

macOS Install

Steps to install on macOS

FreeBSD Install

Steps to install on FreeBSD (using ports or package)

Community Maintained Packages

Navidrome packages for simpler installation on some platforms, powered by You!

Build from sources

Can’t find a build for your platform? You can try to build it yourself

Last modified August 16, 2021: better method for finding arm version (f1b49a3)