Navidrome Overview

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Navidrome can be used as a standalone server, that allows you to browse and listen to your music collection using a web browser.

It can also work as a lightweight Subsonic-API compatible server, that can be used with any Subsonic compatible client.


  • Very low resource usage. Runs well even on simple Raspberry Pi Zero and old hardware setups
  • Handles very large music collections
  • Streams virtually any audio format available
  • Reads and uses all your beautifully curated metadata
  • Great support for compilations (Various Artists albums) and box sets (multi-disc albums)
  • Multi-user, each user has their own play counts, playlists, favorites, etc..
  • Multi-platform, runs on macOS, Linux and Windows. Docker images are also provided
  • Ready to use, official, Raspberry Pi binaries and Docker images available
  • Automatically monitors your library for changes, importing new files and reloading new metadata
  • Themeable, modern and responsive Web interface based on Material UI and React-Admin
  • Compatible with all Subsonic/Madsonic/Airsonic clients. See below for a list of tested clients
  • Transcoding on the fly. Can be set per user/player. Opus encoding is supported
  • Translated to 17 languages (and counting)
  • Full support for playlists, with option to auto-import .m3u files and to keep them in sync
  • Smart/dynamic playlists (similar to iTunes). More info here
  • Scrobbling to, ListenBrainz and Maloja (via custom ListenBrainz URL)
  • Sharing public links to albums/songs/playlists
  • Reverse Proxy authentication*
  • Jukebox mode allows playing music on an audio device attached to the server, and control from a client

Features supported by the Subsonic API

  • Tag-based browsing/searching
  • Simulated browsing by folders (see note below)
  • Playlists
  • Bookmarks (for Audiobooks)
  • Starred (favourites) Artists/Albums/Tracks
  • 5-Star Rating for Artists/Albums/Tracks
  • Transcoding and Downsampling
  • Get/Save Play Queue (to continue listening in a different device)
  • and ListenBrainz scrobbling
  • Artist Bio from
  • Artist Images from Spotify (requires configuration)
  • Album images and description from
  • Lyrics (currently only from embedded tags)
  • Internet Radios
  • Jukebox mode
  • Shares (experimental support)


Besides its own Web UI, Navidrome should be compatible with all Subsonic clients. The following clients are tested and confirmed to work properly:

For more options, look at the list of clients maintained by the Airsonic project.

Road map

This project is in active development. Expect a more polished experience and new features/releases on a frequent basis. Some upcoming features planned:

Last modified May 12, 2024: Add StreamMusic to other platforms (f036476)